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segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012


A group of teenagers is magically transported to a fantastic world, where wonderful, terrifying and impossible things take place daily. Unwillingly the group finds itself in a survival scenario, with the sole purpose of going back to the place it came from. A continuous effort assisted by the new magical items and a master who communicates through riddles.

This story was told in parts, in which opportunities to go back home would show up and inevitably be succeeded by a great frustration. Failure wouldn't shake them and so they would follow after the next opportunity, the next episode which would be watched by millions of infants (and a few grown-ups) spectators throughout the world.
Each one of us had their favorite character, either for its power or unique personality. We used to support that group simply because the individuals were so much alike our life sharing classmates. Personally, I was a little jealous of the fantastic adventures those six young folks lived and I know that other fans also shared – and might still share – the same feeling.
I used to wonder how they would, finally, come back home, always waiting for the final episode: the one where everything would be solved.

Then 20 years have passed.

Due to completely irrelevant motivations, in my personal opinion, the cartoon Dungeons and Dragons was cancelled before a final episode was released: great deception for the wide base of fans the cartoon had gathered.
Through the years many speculated and searched the internet for the ending, posting in forums, reading supposedly official scripts and sharing every image or announcement that promised the official final chapter of the unfinished series. Nothing was released.
Dalai Lama said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I know that the objective of this beautiful phrase is far nobler, nevertheless I took it as the “push” to develop my project: a non-official version of the Dungeons and Dragons ending story.

The first doodles and drafts began two years ago (!?). During the process I realized how complex is this project which I have finished, rewritten and redrawn so many times (I actually still do it) – leading to an indefinite deadline delay. Therefore, I believe that sharing it online might take me to the commitment of concluding everything faster, I sure hope so. I intend to post a new page every two weeks.

This project is a fan homage, an idea which was born in my heart and I’m letting out, even with my superficial artistic experience. I ask the series’ creators for permission to bring the story inside me to life.

Humbly, I hope this version may bring to someone, other than myself, a sensation of closure.

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